Coral Series Polyethylene Beacon Tower

Coral series Polyethylene Beacon Tower is OMS  latest addition of composite beacon tower, composed of high-strength steel internal structure, LLDPE tubular outer shells, maintenance platform, distinctive guard rail, ladder, anti-theft service door, and lightning rod. Design to withstand super typhoon of windspeed up to 220km/h and wave slam which makes it ideal to use in various harsh environments such as island reefs, cliff, ports, and breakwaters.


Structure and outer shell are of modular design, ready-to-assemble system connecting each segment by bolts and simple tools. Weight of each parts are less than 60kg which could be installed manually without the needs of heavy machinery.
Steel structure combined with socket-in-tubular outer shell body design provides excellent weather and corrosion resistant and are capable of withstanding super typhoon of windspeed up to 220km/h.
Beacon tower outer shell body are made from high quality LLDPE materials, which are of high ductile strength, UV and corrosion resistant, that after 15 years of usage, color fade is still within IALA recommendation.
Eco-friendly, non-polluting materials are used in the making process thus, most of the parts can be recycled and reused.

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