Blue Whale B25 Series Aids to Navigation Battery

BIue Whale series B25 lithium-ion battery is a high capacity power solution specially designed for lighthouses, beacon towers etc. Utilizes automotive grade lithium-ion battery, built-in advanced Battery Management System (BMS), solar charging controller, UV resistant and waterproof type housing. Battery modules capable to supply stable AC or DC power, with broad range of operating temperature and current capacity, up to 5 years free of maintenance. Blue Whale B25 lithium-ion battery is one of the most advanced power solution for Aids to Navigation industry.


Utilizes automotive grade lithium-ion battery, a reliable battery option for safety operation.
Advanced Battery Management System (BMS), collect and manipulate various battery data to enhance its usability, greatly extend the battery lifespan.
Built-in solar charging management system, solar charging performance is optimized by compensating its data with BMS data.
Remote communication port is available for battery data transfer to our clients’ terminal remotely, enables real-time monitoring anywhere in the world.
OMS self-developed expandable parallel connection port allows stacking up of multiple battery packs to expand the battery capacity.
Modules are equipped with status display and operation buttons, make the field operation quick and easy.

Blue Whale B25 with high power rotating beacon

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