Alkaid Series Self-contained LED Lantern

Alkaid series self-contained LED lantern integrates high power LED and the proven lithium-ion battery in one lantern housing, its extraordinary performance makes it an ideal self-contained lantern to mark the navigation for costal, inland waters and harbours.

Model Configuration Matrix


Modular design: Lantern comprises of high power LED light source, lens, main controller, lithium-ion battery pack, solar panels and PC material housing. Each module can be dismantled for repair maintenance, greatly reducing the operating cost.
Lithium-ion Battery: Automotive standard lithium-ion battery, battery cells are secured in a special design battery casing, with a safety distance to avoid battery short circuit in the event of collision with the lantern. The overall safety feature is enhanced, increases the operation stability.
Multi Protection Levels: (1)Advanced over/under charging protection module avoids battery damage caused by extreme charging or discharging operation.(2)Over current protection module.(3)Over temperature protection module will halt the charging activity whenever temperature over the set value is detected, avoids potential hazards in high temperature charging.
Flexible Battery Capacity: Battery capacity decided by customer, the standard 65AH battery can backup more than 30 days (duty cycle 50%) under continuous rainy days.
Alkaid series self-contained LED lantern can house maximum of 150AH battery, able to compensate the battery discharge performance in high latitude winter season or power deficiency due to extreme weather conditions.
Remote Monitoring: Capable to equip with GPRS/CDMA/BDS/NB-IoT(5G) communication modes to realize remote monitoring and control. Alternatively, use IR remote controller to read or write lantern data within 8m distance.
Integrated Data Analysis: Capable to perform integrated data analysis at remote monitoring station, lithium-ion battery reliability, charge/discharge statistic, lantern signal strength,  24 hours online rate, aging level etc. User can perform lantern maintenance proactively based on the real-time integrated data.
Ultra-low power LED Light: Alkaid series self-contained LED lantern combines single LED light source with the latest technology lens, provides 360 °horizontal (omnidirectional) uniform light source, achieves more than 4NM range with only maximum 1.5W power.
Light and Handy: Lantern weight is only 4.8kg, light and handy lantern makes the installation quick and easy.
Complete Authorized Inspections: Light colours, light intensity, Electromagnetic compatibility, salt fog test, high/low abrupt change temperature, IP rating etc complete authorized inspection, compliance to IALA recommended standards.
Extended Warranty Period: OMS offers 3 years extended warranty for all series of Aids to Navigation lanterns, free warranty repair under the contractual period and free replacement with new lantern for any design defectives.

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