Polaris L27 Series LED Rotating Beacon

Polaris L27 series LED rotating beacon is the first ever long-range rotating beacon that contains main rotating beacon and a standby 10NM beacon integrated in a single lantern structure. Utilizes reliable brushless motor for the rotating platform, high efficient Fresnel lens, adjustable power and intensive LED light source. The exceptional optical performance makes Polaris series LED rotating beacon an ideal product for inland waters, costal, harbours, lighthouses, light towers etc.


Integrated structure for main and standby beacon, physically isolated and comes with independent power source, a very reliable redundancy system.
Independent LED light source, lantern operation and its flash characteristic will not be affected in the event of certain LED damaged.
Support SMS/GPRS/CDMA/BDS/NB-IOT(5G) various communication modes, capable to monitor and control lanterns remotely.
Optional external or built-in communication modules to meet different environment conditions.
15 levels of power setting to meet different requirements.
Maintenance free and durable brushless motor makes the rotation more stable, greatly extend the rotating beacon life span.
Dedicated power distribution box accepts AC/DC input power, suitable for almost all power supply.
Equipped with operating status display, makes the field operation user friendly.

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