Sea Seal 125A Series LLDPE Buoy

OMS Sea Seal series buoys combine LLDPE material with the most advanced technology and manufacturing processes to fabricate the floats, superstructure modules, top marks etc. Sea seal series buoys have undergone series of sophisticated design processes by our engineers that makes it a real high performance, low maintenance LLDPE buoys, a beautiful but robust buoy.


15 years of design life.
Buoy colors according to IALA recommendation and tested under 20000 hours UV expose according to ASTM 2565 standard. The color is still within the IALA recommendation at the end of the test.
Modular combine design. In the event of partial punctured, the part can be repaired or replaced quick an easy.
Float sections are one-piece rotationally molded LLDPE module. Corrosion resistant, high ductile and tensile strength will not rupture easily even with very strong impact to the buoy.
Internal foam filling utilizes USCG standard Polyurethane material, flame retardant type. Buoys able to remain floating in the event of partially punctured.
Marine growth and dirt can be cleaned and removed easily by high pressurized water spray.
Eco-friendly and high recyclable rate materials were selected.

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