DH Series All-weather Buoys

OMS DH series all-weather buoys are constructed from LLDPE float modules and a robust cross-shaped SS316L stainless steel structure, all IALA recommended colors, great visualization and capable temporarily immerse for ice drift. A high durability and ultra-low maintenance all-weather buoy greatly reduces the twice a year replacement activity at harbors during severe winter condition.


Made from high quality LLDPE material, great UV resistant and shape outline, color fade is still within IALA recommendation after 15 years of usage. Smooth floats surface repels marine growth, dirt can be easily removed by high pressurized water spray.
Internal foam filling utilizes USCG standard Polyurethane material, flame retardant type. Buoys able to remain floating in the event of partially punctured, greatly extend the continuous operation for navigation safety.
Modular and tenon structure interconnecting design make it robust and durable. In the event of partial damaged, the part can be repaired or replaced quick and easy.
Integrated with OMS’s high intensity LED navigation light, large capacity lithium-ion battery and embedded type solar panels, greatly extend the overall operating time thus reduces the twice a year replacement activity.
Selected environment friendly materials, recyclable and reusable.

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